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Thanks for visiting us. We hope that you may find our site useful. This site is dedicated to providing Michaels Coupons resources as well as other money-saving coupons, discount codes, etc. to some of the places you like to shop. This is not a direct coupon site, however you’ll find useful online coupons peppered throughout the site. When we do post Michaels coupons, note that they are both printable and online, meaning that if you’re actually going to Michaels, then be sure to take your phone and just flash the online coupon to the Michaels sales person.

It’s crazy how the internet has made the newspaper or magazine coupon almost extinct. Well, we still believe in it – there’s nothing like siting at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee and some buttered toast, and some scissors and clipping away at coupons. Sigh…. Well, maybe we can translate into something just as good: sitting at your kitchen table with your tablet or laptop or smartphone with your cup of coffee and toast. Does that work? And instead of clipping coupons, you’re clicking :) Not the same? How about if we throw some eggs (or egg whites) in there, with some sausage? Haha, just having fun. Enjoy the site.

More than JoAnns and other craft stores, Michaels is the numero uno, the grand puba of crafts stores. And for good reason. Do this test: if this is your first time enquiring about Michaels, go into your local Michaels store and start walking around. See if you can leave without purchasing something. IT WON’T HAPPEN. Unless you have zero, zilch money. That’s because Michaels not only has craft accessories for serious crafters, but it has practical things that you need to, say, glue that magnet back on to that refrigerator magnet you got from your trip to the Bahamas. Or, there’s a little clasp that you lost that held together your favorite earring – you can find that at Michaels.

We’ll be posting some craft tips of course on this site, but we need to hear from you if there are some specific craft ideas you’re looking for. There are so many holidays where crafts can come into play, so we’ll be posting some craft treats for you to get the left side of your brain workin’. Veterans day, Memorial day, Independence day, Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s day – are just a few (how many’d we miss?) holidays that almost require the making of crafts. And don’t forget about the kids/grandkids that have school projects – crafts are a HUGE part of elementary school. Ever hear of a leprechaun trap?

Remember, you can always visit the Michaels website for coupons as well. But it’s our hope that when you embark on projects, you visit us first for inspiration and then go to the site. Again, you can also find coupons and discounts throughout the site.

Michaels is like a candy store for adults. Actually, toy store would be a better word. And plus we like the fact that Michaels is never too crowded – maybe because there’s so much to choose from.

For info geeks (like ourselves), here’s a little info about our favorite store

Michaels is almost a $4 billion dollar company and is by far the largest arts and crafts retail chain store in the United States.  They have a stated goal of “inspiring creativity” and we think that is clearly manifested when you go into a store or see how they have designed their website.  The fact that they have community events and classes in every store shows that they are community oriented and are dedicated to making the lives of their customers better.

This is an interesting point to make.  For example take furniture.  When you go to a furniture store it is almost like they are doing you a favor by selling you furniture.  But they way Michaels is set up it is like they are trying to help you have fun, make life better, and even make your parties and entertaining better.  We suppose this is why they are still in business in spite of recent declines in consumer spending.

It is also interesting to note that Michaels owns Aaron Brothers stores.  When you think of it that makes sense because Aaron Brothers also has a similar aggressive newspaper weekly coupon advertising program.  We imagine our next site will be Aaron Brothers coupons.  We do not think so .  This one was hard enough.

One last fact that you may find interesting.  90% of the Michael’s store customers are female.  We wonder if that reflects the method of advertising their Michaels coupons?  Well either way 63% of those women are married and 46% of those are between 35 and 54.  Interesting demographics I think.

Got it? Ok, so we’re open to ideas.  If you want pictures of parties completed with Michaels supplies or simply come tips and tricks on how to make things from Michaels.  Let us know.  Leave a comment. Enjoy the site.


Independence day is fast approaching and it’s a great time to do crafts (especially with your Michaels coupons). Here are a few ideas you can use to create some crafts that show your pride for your country.

First, it goes without saying that red, white, and blue will be the colors of choice. One thing you can do is create a banner to hang at your front door, window, or in your home to celebrate the 4th of July. Especially if you plan to have a part and or barbecue.

Napkin Holders

A nice little touch without such a heavy emphasis on the 4th of July (not that there could ever be a heavy emphasis on 4th of July). You’ll need some red, white and blue crepe paper, some news paper, scissors, glue stick, and craft trimming shears.


c. Country Living.com/Charles Schiller, photographer

Fold the paper as you would in making a paper hat: fold at each corner, alternating until you make a miniature hat.

Use glue stick to secure.

Add bits of red, white and blue crepe paper and sparkles to taste. SEE HERE… FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS…


Crocheting is an art (and craft) that is one of the oldest hobbies. As you can probably tell, its name is of French origin (“croche”) which means “hook”. People with little skill in crocheting can be up and stitching in no time with a few basic techniques. Intricate laces and designs for tablecloths, doilies, scarves and other household furnishings, as well as various fashion items can be learned. Why? Because there’s simplicity in crocheting that makes this hobby super easy, and super relaxing. We’ll begin our series on crocheting by giving you some of the terms of the trade.

Abbreviations Used in Crochet

Ch chain
St(s) stitch(es)
SI st slip stitch
Sk skip
Sp space
BL block
Lp loop
P picot
Inc increase
Dec decrease
Sc single crochet
Dc double crochet
Hdc or sdc half or single double crochet
Tr treble
Dtr double treble
Tr tr triple treble
Pc st popcorn stitch
Lp st loop stitch

Stay Tuned – for more info on crocheting…


One way to take advantage of your Michaels coupons is to buy some supplies for your kids to do some fun kids activities. Did you know that Michaels has craft classes for kids? They sure do.

One fun thing to do is to host a craft birthday party for your kid. It’s a whole lot of fun and it’s also a great way to encourage the creativity in your child. Besides, what kid do you know that doesn’t like making things!


c. Michaels Craft Stores


Start With A Theme — Irregardless of what craft or decorating project you’re working on, keep in mind that it’s ideal to start with a theme. A color, or a particular style (such as French, or Italian design) should be on your mind. That way, you can build your elements without guessing as you go along. Now some crafters like to sort of experiment, but even then, having a theme in mind will allow you to experiment with less time wasted. In the end though, if you’re pretty creative then go for it! But remember the word theme. Doing this will give you a starting point, and will help to guide you through the decorating or crafting stages. :)


Right now, be sure to log onto Michaels and check out their clearance items. (You can use your Michaels printable coupons on clearance items as well). If you’re a bargain hunter like us and if you like to take seemingly unusable things and craft them into great things, their clearance items are a good bet. Talk soon…


Quick note for newbies: Jewelry making seems to be back en vogue right now, actually, when did it every “fade”? there’s always a desire for original jewelry that is attractive and unique. So if you’re into making bracelets and jewelry, Michaels is a great place to purchase your beads, your string and any other craft supplies you may need. :)


Some folks don’t know how awesome Michaels is! Here’s one of many videos that discuss a “Michaels Haul”…

Use your Michaels Coupons to do a haul at Michaels

Self-explanatory :) All supplies can be purchased at Michaels (with your coupons of course).

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