Fathers Day

Kids Arts And Crafts Especially For Dad On Father’s Day

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As a mother, you are duty-bound not only to maintain order in the home and keep everyone well-fed, clothed and happy, but also to ascertain that the kid’s love for their father is growing every single day.

Father’s Day is a once-in-a-year event, and you can let your kids come up with homemade gifts in appreciation of their Dad’s significance in their lives and to show their respect and love for him.

Provide assistance when working with scissors and hot glue, and some other potentially risky items.

Here are some easy arts and crafts that you and your kids can make for their Dad on Father’s Day:

Homemade Coupon Book

This is a very simple craft and you will need the following materials – scissors, construction paper, crayons, stickers and stapler.

Cut the construction paper with the scissors into 10 to 15 equally-sized strips. Design one strip with crayons and make it as the cover for the coupon book. Write the greeting “Happy Father’s Day!” then decorate it as desired.

Write out your coupon ideas on the remaining strips such as breakfast in bed, leaf raking, one hour of blissful silence, free car wash, lawn mowing or a big hug.

Decorate the coupon slips with stickers, and then staple them and the cover message together to create the homemade coupon book.

Keepsake Box

This is a decorative box that is of the perfect size that Dad can use to store paper clips, stamps or some spare change.

You will use an empty peanut canister that has a cylindrical cardboard and a foil lining, a paste, a photo of Dad and the kids, scissors, magazines that contain topics related to Dad’s interests and hobbies, stickers, assorted clip art images, a clear-drying white glue and a foam paint brush.

Remove the plastic lid of the peanut canister and onto it paste the photo. Decorate the bottom of the can with the magazine clippings, appropriate stickers and the clip art images. Apply a thin coat of glue on the finished project using the paint brush.

Rustic Picture Frame

This will make a great gift for Dad on Father’s Day. You will need twigs separated into two bunches, a string, hot glue and Dad’s photo with the kids.

The two bunches of twigs must be two inches wider and two inches longer than the photo, respectively. Arrange them to create a square shape of the photo. Tie the corners together using the string making an “X” pattern. To avoid injuries, you should be the one to fasten

Dad will definitely be surprised with the homemade gifts you and the kids will make for him. This Father’s Day will be a meaningful one and you have given your kids a head start in making arts and crafts for their Dad.



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